Supporting leadership in support of your mission


Strategic Planning

Does your organization have a strategic plan? When did your organization's leadership last take a look at the strategic plan and assess where they are against where they hoped they'd be? Is the plan still relevant?

A strategic plan should be a living document that your organization regularly reviews and refers to when considering significant decisions, from which operational plans are developed and implemented, and it signals to stakeholders what your organization is prioritizing in the next three to five years.

Does your current strategic plan do all that?


I can help.

I can help you create a strategic plan that will support your organization, your mission, your leadership, and your community. Together we will engage the relevant stakeholders and develop a plan for your organization to follow as you all move forward in pursuit of your mission.


You've just held your AGM and your Board is now a melange of experienced Board members and new folks itching to support the organization's mission. Some of your Board will have been on Boards before, others will be new to governance. Regardless of their experience levels, they need to come together as a cohesive, efficient decisions making, strategy setting, oversight body. I can help them get there.

I offer workshops on;

* Board roles and responsibilities
* Board member recruitment
* ED performance reviews (or, how to support your ED to excel)
* custom workshops tailored to your organization's specific need and issues


Need a speaker for your conference or AGM? You won't find a speaker more passionate about the power for positive change that is found in the non-profit sector. I tell stories about leadership that will move and inspire your conference attendees. I use humour and anecdotes that will make your participants laugh and think. And I bring an energy and a presence to your meetings that energizes and excites.

Governance & Parliamentary Procedure

Not everyone enjoys the intricacies of parliamentary procedure but Robert's Rules of Order has been a crucial guide for those who yearn for efficient meetings since General Henry Robert published his first edition in 1876. My experience with Robert's Rules of Order goes back to my early days in labour unions where I quickly learned that, if I wanted to get my union to support an initiative I proposed at convention, I needed to know how to use Robert's Rules. From those early days on a convention floor to nonprofit board rooms, I've seen how knowing the Rules and being well acquainted with parliamentary procedure can serve. I can help you and your Board to make the most of Robert's Rules and parliamentary procedure to run efficient and equitable meetings that serve the organization and support the mission.

Interim Executive Director

(I can not offer interim ED services any longer, sorry)

As wonderful as your organization's leadership is, they will not be with your organization forever. Often an Executive Director will give a few months notice of their intention to leave but rarely is that enough time for the Board of Directors to figure out what they need in their next ED, how to find that person, hire them, and get them oriented without some break in leadership. Rather than leaving a leadership vacuum, many organizations will opt to bring in an Interim Executive Director. I have the skills, experience, leadership strengths, and compassion to step in and lead while the Board finds their next great permanent ED. Your organization, your staff and volunteers, your mission, and your community will be in good hands and your Board won't have to rush to hire.